Safety – After The Storm

RoofDamageSafetyTreeDownStorm damage is almost inevitable in Minnesota. Before you venture out to check out the damage, be aware of health hazards and safety. Unless something is life threatening, wait until it is safe to look around; then act as quickly as possible to minimize the chance that the damage could continue.

Walk around your home and check everywhere. There may be more damage than you first realize. If trees are down, you also need to check for broken branches or cracked limbs. These are very dangerous and could easily fall at a later date and hurt people or your property.

Have a professional check your roof. High winds can damage just as much as hail. If there are tree branches on the ground, it is likely that they hit the roof first before it landed on the ground. Advanced Home Improvements can provide you with a free estimate and they know safety procedures for checking for damage. Do NOT climb on your roof by yourself. There could be weak spots you can’t see. Professionals know where and what to look for.

Beware of sharp objects like broken glass or exposed nails. Check all windows for cracks or if they are shattered. You don’t need to add personal injury to the property damage you may already have.

Shut off the main gas line if you smell gas. If there is any water damage, shut off all power to your home. If storm water has soaked into any walls; it is very possible it reached the electrical wiring. Watch for downed electrical lines and call your utility company or 911 immediately if found. Stay away.

If it is safe to go outside, take as many pictures as you can to capture damage before you move anything. Take interior pictures of any water damage or other interior property damage. The more documentation you have for your insurance adjuster, the better.

After documentation, make temporary repairs if needed. Remove glass, tree limbs and other debris and cover broken windows. If there is water damage to the interior of your home or holes in your roof – contact a reliable contractor as soon as possible. Don’t climb on your roof alone. A professional will take the necessary precautions if the roof is not safe.

So call your trusted, local contractor at Advanced Home Improvements. Jeff Tatur will sit down with you and walk you through the procedures you need to take. He will also provide a free estimate and answer questions about your insurance. 763-424-2979 Call Jeff today.

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