Rustic Lake and Log Home Improvement Project

What intrigues me about large home improvement projects?

I love to impress people with how talented the people working for us are. Their years of experience shine through and help establish the direction of the project.

Our company strives to treat all our home improvement projects, big or small, as if they were our own home. One project in Moose Lake was a great fun adventure and got my creative juices flowing. Advanced Home Improvements did remodeling throughout the house as well as add log siding to the exterior and a great deal of landscaping.

The landscaping was the fun part…we brought together the log rails and the fire pit, so that it would flow and look original. The fire pit now sets off the entire back yard. The log that surrounds it and the log deck and railing, along with the log siding all unite in harmony.

Keep tuned to my blog for other details on this Lake Home. We look forward to more lake home and log home remodeling projects.

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2 Responses to Rustic Lake and Log Home Improvement Project

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