Remodeling With Social Distancing in Mind

The nation is a different place than it was a few weeks ago and we all need to learn from this time. At AHI we have new normals in following the social distancing practices that will in turn make us a better company. Jeff is one of those that is immune compromised, being a male with high blood pressure who donated a kidney to his brother 20 years ago.

Movie - Video Gaming Area

Movie Room

Movie -video gaming fun

Family time

As we are all social distance, we ask you to remember our small business sector. Advanced Home Improvements falls into that category. We are not a restaurant, but we too are feeling the impact & lull of business. We are confident that times will return to a normal, but this virus has already made an impact on the whole world. We need to listen, learn and take away something from it.

Social gathering in small groups

Bar Room

So, as you are quarantined in your homes; take this time to look around you and ask yourself what do I want to change? You have more family time, which can be good, if the spaces it is enjoyed in are

Addition to your living space

Bar room area

what enhance the experience. Look at your current situation with a new perspective. Do you need a kitchen remodel, a finished basement or perhaps create a specific style of room; like a bar room or a movie/video gaming area? Feel free to email us at to get our ideas on how we may be able to help you.

On a brighter note, our spring season is around the corner! Let’s all look forward to much needed “outside time”. Continue to practice social distancing and create “your own” new normal by allowing your time and attention to be in smaller group settings. Perhaps your home is in need of a new deck or screen porch addition to gain some “outdoor living space”? AHI was the first Twin Cities contractor to put the category of “decks” into the yellow pages.

If you have any questions, ideas or thoughts you would want to discuss with Jeff, he has the ability to evaluate your home on the exterior and communicate via phone, text or email. We are currently booking deck projects and doing the design work and starting our permitting processes. As always, our estimates are free of charge.  Jeff can be reached at 763-286-4000 or 763-424-2979 with any questions.

Outdoor living at it's finest

Deck patio

Wishing you all peace during our social distancing practices and continued good health!



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