Be Prepared For Storm Damage Before the Storm

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Yes, it may be winter, but storm damage is still very possible. Heavy snow or ice covered branches can fall on your home. Ice dams on your roof can really damage the inside of your home with backup and  leaking. If ice dams are left alone, ice will build up with snow and more ice.

Spring brings many changes to the weather, including thunderstorms; but hail storms and tornados can cause huge damage. You may think Spring is a ways away, but it will be here before you know it. Read below for tips to get you ready before the storm!

Once storm damage happens to your home or property, call Advanced Home Improvements for a free estimate. Jeff – 763-286-4000. But when storms, strong winds or hail are in the forecast; there are many things that can prepare you  beforehand from the worst of the storm. Minnesota weather is unpredictable and can come up very fast. Be prepared!

Be Safe and Prepared Before the Storm

Be Safe and Prepared Before the Storm

1. Gutters – Water must drain properly or clogged gutters can cause back up of water and settle around your roof and house and cause damage inside your house. Seed pods land and can clog or start growing in the dirt and debris that lands in your gutters. Clean gutters at least twice a year or when ever you see debris in them. In the fall, clean out fallen leaves before the snow and ice comes. And always use care on ladders to prevent falls. No one like to clean gutters, but it must be done!

2. Trees – By trimming over hanging branches you can help prevent the seed pods from falling into your gutters, like mentioned above. Also, by cutting dead or broken branches, they are less likely to fall during strong winds and damage your home. Branches can also be very dangerous to your car, deck, other items in your yard, as well as people.

3. Yard and Deck – Even if bad weather is not predicted keep your deck and yard free of loose items/toys that can blow and projectile into other items. When winds and storms are in the forecast, move furniture and large items out of the way, into the garage or tie down to secure. After a storm, make sure it is safe to go outside and access any damage. Wait 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.

If you spot lightning or hear thunder and you are outside – get out of the yard or deck and seek cover. Lightning is dangerous and sometime comes before the rain.

Be pro active in storm prevention. Keep yourself and your family safe. If you think you may suspect damage after a storm- Call Jeff 763-286-4000 for all your home improvement needs. A local Osseo company that has been in business for 25 years.


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